vrijdag 29 maart 2013

Funny Easter Eggs by Jolanda Meurs

I made these Easter Eggs for the Zva Creative Blog hop the 25th  but I was not happy about them.
So for that day I made 2 other purple boxes.
But later on I tought hey I just put them on my blog and see what people think off them...

 Zva Creative products used:
Lime Roses 23 mm FLBK-03CB-137
White Roses FLBK-03CB-101
Fabric Flower
Green Crystal swirl CRX-05CB-107
Large Green flower FL-04CA-127
Leafs FL-04CA-111
Products used by Zva Creative:
Pink Swirl CR-05CA-117
 Red roses 12 mm FLBK-03CB-104
Red roses 23 mm FLBK-03CB-125
Branch FL-04CA-109

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wat een beauty's zijn het geworden

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