vrijdag 22 november 2013

My swaps for the Stampin up Convention in Manchester.

At this moment I'm in Manchester to visit the Stampin Up Convention.
I made about 130 swaps. There will be about 1000 girls all over Europe.
But he, he... making 1000 swaps no way pjew these are enough I hope.
 I still had 26 left from Apeldoorn last time.
 It is filled with Tea and some chocolate.
 Then I made 60 of these filled also with a Dutch blend tea and a cinnamon stick
These Santa chewing gum packages are my simple swaps

And 10 very special swaps for 10 very special friends

I know the box is a bit simple but I wanted to make a box using the punch board.
Inside the box there is a little soap mitten made by myself!

My bag full of swaps. When I'm back I will show some of
the swaps I have got from the other girls.
Have a great weekend as I wil.

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Chantal de Kaste zei

Je swaps zijn geweldig! Heerlijk zeepje in mijn swap, helemaal in kerststijl. Bedankt voor de leuke dagen. Liefs, Chantal